Symposium for dance professionals

Open space for dance

On the 25th of April 2018, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps invites the Swiss dance scene to come to Südpol in Lucerne and enter into an exchange that is all about what is on dance professionals’ minds today.


For once, we are not setting a topic. Artistic challenges, aesthetics, cultural policy, practical problems, human resource management, leadership styles, communication solutions, the environment, dance promotion, dance and music, the dance sector itself, the sectors within dance, dance and other sectors… The exchange shall make it possible to talk about all this and perhaps much more.


The format of the symposium is completely open. It is called “Open Space” and gives every participant the opportunity to suggest topics of their own at the event and to discuss them with other interested parties. A whole day is set aside for this purpose. The results of the individual discussion groups will be documented.


On this day, findings are to be obtained, best practices exchanged, new acquaintances made and new projects presented. Maybe this day will produce new coalitions or work groups that will subsequently pursue and concretise some of what is discussed – who knows?


Steps is delighted to be the Swiss dance scene’s host.


Picture Header: Christian Altorfer