Steps Online Panel Discussion

Post-Corona Creativity

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps had to cancel the Steps Meeting Point, a day dedicated to the Swiss dance scene on 7 May 2020 in Fribourg.


Instead, dance professionals from Switzerland and from a total of 22 countries followed our panel discussion «Post-Corona Creativity» live on the internet on 7 May. For three hours, exponents of the professional dance world outlined and discussed creative future strategies for the performing arts together with representatives from sociology and psychology. 

in English



00:00:00 Isabella Spirig (artistic director of Migros Cultural Percentage Dance Festival Steps, CH)

00:11:19 Gilles Jobin (dancer and choreographer, CH)

00:31:33 Ella Rothschild (dancer and choreographer, IL)

00:52:35 Kylie Walters (dancer, choreographer, director of Choreographic Studies at Conservatoire de Lyon, MA of Science in Public Health, AU/FR)

01:10:47 Marc Brew (he/him/his, artistic director of the AXIS Dance Company, USA)

01:32:20 Xie Xin (artistic director of Xiexin Dance Theatre, CN)

01:53:40 Teresa Koloma Beck (Professor of Sociology of Globalisation, DE)

02:13:42 Guy Cools (dance dramaturge, BE)

02:29:23 Ioannis Mandafounis (dancer and choreographer, CH)


moderated by: Monika Schärer (cultural journalist, filmmaker and professional presenter, CH)