Dance in the classroom

Workshops for pupils and school performances

The Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps reaches out to children and young people enthusiastic about dance. In close collaboration with the ministries of education, it offers workshops in seven cantons. Guided by Swiss dance pedagogues, school classes are taught to dance short excerpts of the choreography which they will later watch during a performance at the festival. Can dance on stage be experienced in a more immediate way?


This project is aimed at participants from 10 years old and takes place from March to May 2020. In combination with the workshops, school performances from IT Dansa, Barcelona are available. Steps has also ensured that the company tours all linguistic regions of Switzerland. The workshops and school performances are organised by the Migros Culture Percentage and financially supported by them together with the ministries of education.


The educational and cultural facilities for schools have been an important part of the festival since 2004. So far, 28,000 pupils from the German, French and Italian parts of Switzerland have participated.




Canton Bern: 30 March to 3 April, 20 to 24 April
Canton Schaffhausen: 1 to 9 April, 27 to 29 April
Canton Neuchâtel: 30 March to 1 April, 6 to 8 April, 27 April to 4 May
Canton Grisons: 6 to 9 April, 14 to 17 April, 27 April to 7 May
Canton Zug: 27 April to 8 May
Canton Zurich: 6 to 8 April, 27 April to 12 May
Canton Ticino: 6/7 April




27.4.2020, Bern, Dampfzentrale Bern
30.4.2020, Schaffhausen, Stadttheater Schaffhausen
2.5.2020, Chiasso, Cinema Teatro Chiasso
5.5.2020, Neuchâtel, Théâtre du Passage
8.5.2020, Chur, Theater Chur
13.5.2020, Zurich, Schauspielhaus Pfauen