Together with Theater HORA, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps is breaking new ground in dance mediation. During the 2022 season, members of the HORA Ensemble will share their perspective on our programme. Two HORA actors each will attend selected Steps performances. Afterwards, they will discuss what they saw, what moved them and what they did or did not understand. The discussions will be filmed.


The short videos, called "HORAkel", will offer surprising new perspectives on the activity taking place on stage. The videos will give our audience the opportunity to approach dance from a different point of view. Videos will be produced for a total of five festival co-productions, which will be available to view in German on our website after the tour for the respective dance company kicks off.

Theater HORA, which is based in Zurich, is one of the most popular independant dance, theatre and performance groups in Switzerland. And its popularity is not in spite of the cognitive impairments of its ensemble members, but rather because of them. HORA has brought wider recognition to the creativity of inclusive stagecraft. The group collaborates with artists and collectives from both Switzerland and abroad and performs on local, national and international theatre stages. Theater HORA received the Swiss Grand Prix Performing Arts / Hans Reinhart Ring in 2016.


Picture: Remo Zarantonello and Julia Häusermann, Theater HORA © Matthias Kappeler