Cie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker

Speechless Voices

In Speechless Voices, strongly inspired by Belgian painter Michaël Borremans, Cindy Van Acker places her six dancers in a new narrative reality. Here, her usual sequences of movements (featuring slowness, geometry and abstraction) are brought to life by figures, readable images and expressive pausing. A human collective becomes an image. The bodies cause absence and presence, as well as isolation and partnership, to be ritualised and reshaped. The use of equipment, plants or animals characterises many of this choreographer’s works, thus activating clearly anthropocentric energies.

Perhaps for that reason, this piece is a choreographic poem, a homage to electronic music composer Mika Vainio, who died a year ago and with whom Cindy Van Acker had repeatedly collaborated. “Our communication was intuitive, intense and often wordless. We had a shared voice that came about somewhere else.” The intention of Speechless Voices is to invent a shared language that fills the space, flows through the bodies of the spectators and connects with others.


Cindy Van Acker

Cindy Van Acker

Cindy Van Acker, a Belgian choreographer who lives in Geneva, creates contemporary, minimalist and elementary movements with her dance company Cie Greffe. Her creations, solos and group works are presented internationally. In 2013, she won a Swiss Dance Award in the category “Current Dance Works” for her piece Diffraction. Since 2008, Cindy Van Acker has regularly collaborated with Romeo Castellucci and choreographed his operas. Picture: Steeve Iuncker


Speechless Voices


Cindy Van Acker


Mika Vainio, J. S. Bach

Stage design:

Victor Roy

Dramatic composition:

Michèle Pralong


Samuel Pajand


Marie Artamonoff


Stéphanie Bayle, Matthieu Chayrigues, Laure Lescoffy, Raphaële Teicher, Rudi van der Merwe, Daniela Zaghini


Cie Greffe


Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps, Expédition Suisse (Kaserne Basel, Dampfzentrale Bern, Theater Chur, Gessnerallee Zurich, Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne), CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape In the period 2009-2020, the company Cie Greffe receives subsidies as part of the cooperative funding agreement between the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.


13th of April 2018, Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

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Cie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker

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