Dear audience members and dance enthusiasts


We have a surprise in store for you in 2022: our programme will represent the national dance scene like never before with seven companies directly associated with Switzerland. The Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps will thus be strongly influenced by the Swiss dance scene.


We started out over 30 years ago as a private cultural promoter with the aim of strengthening contemporary dance in Switzerland. We gave a national platform to an art form that was still largely undiscovered, except in urban centres. Our festival brought huge international stars to Switzerland and showed the many different facets of dance. Together with our theatre partners, we provided audiences with unforgettable onstage moments throughout Switzerland.


We can proudly say that the dance scene in Switzerland evolved during this time. It not only grew, but became more dynamic and also much more professional. We have now deliberately included more Swiss companies in our programme. In 2022, we will show you the diversity and quality of our dance scene together with international names. We guarantee to deliver a first-rate programme on stages throughout the country, from Lake Constance to Lugano to French-speaking Switzerland to Val Poschiavo.


We will also be active behind the scenes. With our accompanying programme, we are committed to supporting professional dancers. We will also offer a new artistic exchange programme geared toward the general public in collaboration with regional Migros Cooperatives. In addition to our long-standing commitment to inclusion, we are also focusing on sustainability. With numerous measures, we are committed to creating a cultural sector in harmony with the environment.


Come discover the Swiss dance scene with us! I hope you have an enriching festival experience.


Hedy Graber

Head of the Social Affairs and Culture Department

Federation of Migros Cooperatives



Photo © Jasmin Frei