As the team of the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps, we advocate for the self-determined inclusion of people with disabilities in cultural life. We are committed to the representation of artists on stage as well as facilitating access to content and removing barriers for our audience.


Since 2006, we have programmed works by and with people who either have or do not have disabilities and have received insightful support by our theatre partners in this endeavour. Steps was certified by Kultur inklusiv in 2018 and has since advocated among its community of event organisers for barrier-free access for audiences. Interested cultural event organisers can find valuable tips in the “A barrier-free cultural visit” roadmap, which was jointly developed in 2020 by Kultur inklusiv and experts from Sensability with support from Migros Culture Percentage.


Representation is also an important subject in our accompanying programme. Our workshops for dance professionals provide opportunities for dance artists with and without disabilities. “HORAkel”, our new format for everyone interested in Steps, kicks off in 2022 and was developed together with Theater HORA in order to bring HORA ensemble members to selected Steps performances. Their perspectives and impressions of the onstage activity are presented in short videos on our website.


An advisory board of self-advocates supports the festival‘s implementation of its inclusion goals. The advisors for the 2022 edition are Inga Laas (accessibility for people with a hearing impairment) and Alex Oberholzer (accessibility for people with restricted mobility).



Simply put: In the texts about the companies you will find short descriptions of the shows in simple language.


 All theatres are accesible to visitors with mobility impairments. All theatres offer wheelchair spaces, which can be reserved directly through the respective theatre.

Accessibility for TANZflug / Mirjam Gurtner: The audience can move freely between the different areas inside the hotel. There is no reserved seating. However, chairs are available if necessary. The hotel in Geneva is only partially wheelchair-accessible. Reservations for wheelchair tickets: Purchase your tickets via See Tickets and register with Mara Natterer (Production Manager Almost Home). Please specify the date and time of the performance. Thank you very much.


 indicates theatres that have an audio induction loop system for visitors with hearing aids.