Introduction by Hedy Graber

Dear dance enthusiasts,


The Migros Culture Percentage has been promoting contemporary dance in Switzerland for 30 years. It used to be the case that modern dance was hardly ever to be found on any cultural agenda and neither sponsors nor event organisers nor the public were committed to it. The Migros Culture Percentage seized the initiative by creating the biennial Dance Festival Steps as the first nationwide series of events, brought international dance companies into all corners of the country, and opened up the fascinating world of contemporary dance to a wide audience – quite in keeping with the idea put forth by Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler: he wanted to give the public broad access to culture and a chance to examine society.


Over all these years, little has changed with regard to our intention: as a private promoter of culture, we want to lead the way with a lot of courage, drawing stimuli from society and providing some ourselves, while also bridging gaps. This is why we promote contemporary dance, alongside our dance festival, on various levels: On the one hand, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps is a pioneer of dance mediation and offers the public an opportunity to experience the world's best at very close quarters. On the other hand, dancers, companies and event organisers benefit from tangible funding, provided by the Migros Culture Percentage from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, together with the regional cooperatives. Last but not least, the local scene obtains a national stage as a result of our commitment.


What I still find fascinating, are the unique moments that happen during dance performances, when everything comes together: the dancers, the music, the atmosphere, the instant. Here, we feel the magic of artistic creativity – and for us, that is what it is all about!


Dive in and let yourself be enchanted by our anniversary programme.


Hedy Graber
Head of Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs
Federation of Migros Cooperatives


Picture: Christian Beutler