Dear members of the public


«Identity». Who am I, where do I come from and where do I want to arrive – in and with this society? What does identity mean in dance? Is there a common thread regarding identity in this art form as such? For all these creative artists? In the profusion of works presented on stage? What parallels and conclusions can we draw with regard to our society and our actual life?


These and similar questions passed my mind while compiling the programme for the 17th edition of Steps. Choreographic works emerge from the creative collaboration of numerous participants. Their input is a fusion of different approaches, sources, styles and influences. Thanks to a strong international networking in the dance world, we can witness an exciting synergy as different movements and artistic personalities encounter and inspire each other. Each brings different impulses and opens up new perspectives. Those voices which dominate are the result of an artistic process which implies curiosity and respect for each other – a fragile balance between the individual and collective identity.


To try and satisfy everything and everybody as much as possible is a continuous challenge to co-existence. When we leave our comfort zone and invite or reach out for the new, there is a lot to discover! The programme of this edition of Steps demonstrates once more that dance lends itself beautifully to exemplifying how communities, collectives and groups can profit from variety and diversity in all its facets.


Ahead of you are three weeks full of exciting experiences and encounters. You are cordially invited to take part with all your senses: I have chosen a programme of national and international productions and co-productions. I am confident that your response to the participating artists will be as enthusiastic as mine!


I wish you an eventful festival full of new delights!


Isabella Spirig 
Artistic Director of the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps



Photo © Caroline Minjolle