Dear audience members


There is no such thing as one single reality. Every aspect of reality can be viewed from a variety of different perspectives. It can therefore be very enriching to occasionally let go of your own point of view.


New Perspectives is the theme of this year’s festival. Which perspectives and experiences serve as the creative basis for a choreography? What kind of interesting forms of collaboration exist? And how does your view of dance change when it is experienced in a non-conventional setting?


The festival programme includes exciting new perspectives on dance in which different backgrounds and experiences encounter one another. Important utopias, for example, are sketched out collaboratively in the work by Annie Hanauer. Rafaële Giovanola cleverly stages the results from residencies with professionals and amateurs. In “Portraits in Otherness”, renowned dancers collaborate with young, aspiring talents. Freelance artists also collaborate with institutional ensembles. For example, the surreal circus world of Martin Zimmermann merges with the clear lines of Kinsun Chan, and the wild collective (LA)HORDE turns the world of the Ballet national de Marseille upside down. However, they all have something in common: curiosity and the search for new forms of expression and ways to move. Of course there will be dancing, and not only on stage this year, but also even in hotels.


Steps fans know that promoting female choreographers and presenting diverse body types and levels of ability have been an important part of the festival for many years. We are very glad that inclusion plays an important role in the festival and that more than half of the programme is at the hands of female artists.


Steps has set the ball rolling with the selection of a diverse range of artists and works in progress. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to take in new perspectives? We hope you have an eventful festival experience.


Isabella Spirig

Artistic Director

Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps