Contemporary dance for the whole of Switzerland

Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps

Every two years, the Migros Culture Percentage organises Switzerland‘s biggest contemporary dance festival. Over three weeks, national and international dance companies tour the entire country on the occasion of the dance festival Steps. With 80 performances in 32 cities and villages, the festival productions are seen by about 30,000 spectators from all over Switzerland. In a multilingual country, this non-verbal art overcomes all language barriers. The dance festival not only bridges all language regions but also connects urban and rural areas and opens its doors to everybody. The companies perform in a variety of venues – municipal theatres, alternative arts centres, multi-purpose halls. Due to its decentralised structure, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps gives the entire population a broad access to culture, true to the motto of Migros‘ founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.
Additionally, the Migros Culture Percentage organises performances and dance workshops for around 3,000 pupils. Swiss dance professionals profit as well. During the festival, visiting choreographers and dancers pass on their know-how in master classes.
Due to the nationwide distribution and collaboration of about forty local theatres and other partners, a unique network has grown around Steps since its first season in 1988, connecting choreographers, dancers, promoters and cultural authorities alike.