Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps

Contemporary dance for all of Switzerland

Every two years, the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps organises tours with outstanding productions of the current contemporary dance scene. Over the course of approximately four weeks, Switzerland is transformed into a stage for contemporary dance with performances by national and international companies, which is only possible thanks to the close collaboration with a large number of partner venues.


Steps represents stylistic variety, high quality and sensuousness. The presented works deal with societal issues. Diversity and inclusion play a central role in the programming. Steps promotes innovative forms of dance, serving as catalyst in doing so. Numerous works will be created as co-productions and premiered during the biennial.

As the largest dance festival in Switzerland, Steps stages performances throughout the country. The invited companies perform in a variety of different venues – from large municipal theatres to alternative cultural venues and regional multipurpose halls. The festival builds bridges between different linguistic regions and brings together urban and rural communities.


In addition to the stage performances, Steps organises an accompanying programme with opportunities geared toward the public as well as special formats to stimulate and inspire the Swiss dance community.


Thanks to partnerships with approximately forty Swiss dance and theatre venues as well as a large number of additional players, Steps has grown since its debut in 1988 into a significant network that connects dancers and organisers and initiates co-productions in a large variety of forms and formats with great continuity. The unique festival structure gives a broad Swiss audience – both dance enthusiasts and newcomers – direct access to dance.