Ecological sustainability

The Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps will have the environmental impact of its festival assessed by experts for the first time in order to further improve its environmental footprint. Selected theatre partners will assist us in quantifying emissions related to Steps performances in their theatres to help determine the footprint of a typical Steps tour. In addition, we will assess the impact of our national advertising campaign, the environmental footprint of programming-related travel as well as emissions produced by our daily office operations, etc.


The assessment will show us in which areas of activity we are in control as a festival team. At the same time, we will gain insight into how we can better support our partners, including both the organising on-site theatre as well as the invited companies, in reducing their emissions. Migros Culture Percentage will make these insights available to other interested parties in the cultural sector.


New measures will be implemented in 2022 in conjunction with the assessment. An overview can be found in our plan of measures for sustainability. Sustainable cultural events must become the new normal as quickly as possible. We are confident that we will achieve this goal through a shift in thinking, continuous learning and creative development of new strategies.